Saturday, November 4, 2017


Because the majority of our Catnip Yarns customers order cones, we have decided to reduce our inventory of skeined yarns and stock lots more CONES!

Coned yarns are great for everyone - machine knitters, weavers, hand knitters, production dyers and the all rest of us who just can't get enough YARN!

There are many advantages to cones vs. skeins:
  • Lots more yardage. (More yarn...who doesn't love that?)
  • Coned yarns with more yardage mean fewer joins in the work.
  • Less tangling. Yarn easily unwinds from cones.
  • No waste. Wind off exactly what's needed and leave the rest safely & neatly on the cone. 
Keep your eyes on the Catnip Yarns website. We'll be adding lots more coned yarns - all first quality and all ready to be dyed or used in the natural color. 

Sue @ Catnip Yarns

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